Conductivity + Dielectric constant (C+D) detection



At the core of each UNS-Tech state-of-the-art system is a novel micro detector that is controlled by custom electronics and powerful, user friendly software – all designed and built by UNS-Tech’s engineers and scientists. UNS-Tech ensures quality and cutting-edge performance of its C+D detection systems by developing, manufacturing, selling and supporting all of its systems in-house. 


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pure water pouring solution




conductivity dielectric constant detector setup



Our proprietary technology offers:

  • ultra-sensitive conductivity detection - limit of detection below 100 parts-per-trillion;
  • novel, simultaneous dielectric constant detection for non-conducting samples - dielectric constant is universal property of matter;
  • low sample volumes - microliter cell volume;
  • built-in temperature stabilization - room temperature to 60 deg Celsius with < 0.001 deg Celsius rms over 100 min;
  • unparalleled performance;
  • powerful, flexible software for real time data acquisition, display and storage;
  • portability; and
  • cost effectiveness.

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